Michael Wilson, Cosplayer

Knightmage Cosplay

SuperKayce Cosplay

Kayce Schulte, Cosplayer

Game of Thrones, Thor: The Dark World

Bryn Apprill, Voice Actor

Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Boy and the Beast

Green Bone Saga, Zeroboxer, Exo

Fonda Lee, Author

Brought to you by

Terry and Oliver Holler

To the Future

Kelly Turnbull, Artist/Writer

Ben 10, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Ugly Americans

Jessica Calvello, Voice Actor

 Attack on Titan, Cutie Honey, Team Four Star

Splintered, Unhinged, Ensnared, Rosebud

AG Howard, Author




Saturday, August 3

11:00           AMA-CON 2019 Opens

12:00           Kids Cosplay Contest (Regency)

12:00           Magic the Gathering Tournament (South Hall)

12:00           AACAL Robotics Demonstration (South Hall)

1:00            Gaming Cosplay Prejudging (Pre-Judging Room)

1:00            Get Random with Jessica Calvello (Panel Room 1) Autograph session to follow

1:00            Cassie LeGrand: Cosplay Tips and Tricks (Panel Room 2)

1:30            Amy West: How to Draw Monsters! (Kids Room)

2:30            Fonda Lee & A.G. Howard: Writing for the Ages (Panel Room 2)

2:30            Kelly Turnbull: Webcomics Q&A (Panel Room 1)

3:00            Gaming Cosplay Contest (Regency)

3:30            Ryan McSwain: Publish Like a Pro (Panel Room 2)

3:30            Tea Dueling with Michelle Wyrick (Regency)

3:30            Sci Fi/Steampunk/Original Concepts Cosplay Prejudging (Pre-Judging Room)

4:00            AACAL Robotics Demonstration (South Hall)

4:00            Bryn Apprill: Q&A (Panel Room 1)

4:30            Kaffeklatsch with Fonda Lee- Space is limited. Visit the APL Friends Booth                                        to sign up (Board Room)

4:30            Pen & Ink Watercolor Fantasy Creatures with Amarillo Art Institute (Kids Room)

5:00            SuperKayce & Knightmage: Cosplay & Charity: Turn the Hobby You Love                                            into a Charitable Act (Panel Room 2) 

5:00            Jessica Calvello: Voice Acting Workshop (Hospitality)

5:30            Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Original Concepts Cosplay Contest (Regency)

5:30            Kelly Turnbull: Animated! (Panel Room 1)

7:00            North and South Exhibit Halls Close

7:00            Back to the Future Interactive Screening (Viewing Room)

7:15            Geek Prom (Regency)

9:00            AMA-CON Closes

Sunday, August 4

12:00          AMA-CON Opens

12:00          Dragon Ball Z Tournament (South Hall)

12:15           Anime Cosplay Prejudging (Pre-Judging Room)

12:15           Kaffeklatsch with Fonda Lee- Space is limited. Visit the APL Friends Booth                                       to sign up (Board Room)

12:30          Amy West: Create a 4-koma (Panel Room 1)

12:30          Bryn Apprill and Jessica Calvello: Attack on Titan Q&A (Panel Room 2)

1:00            Superhero Yoga (Kids Room)

1:30            Kelly Turnbull: Ben 10 Omniverse (Panel Room 1)

1:30            SuperKayce & Knightmage: Cosplay Makeup 101-Learn the Basics of Makeup                                   and Other Products  (Panel Room 2)

2:00            Amy West: D&D, How to Be a Good Player (Kids Room)

2:30            Anime Cosplay Contest (Regency)

2:30            C-SAW: Red Dead Redemption Panel (Panel Room 1)

2:30            Fonda Lee: Writing Action and Fight Scenes Workshop (Board Room)

2:30            Solving the Mystery! with Lillie Mae's (Panel Room 2)

3:00            Comics Cosplay Prejudging (Pre-Judging Room)

3:00            AACAL Robotics Demonstration (South Hall)

3:00            Don Harrington Discovery Center Activity (Kids Room)

3:30            Amarillo College Rocket League Tournament (North Hall)

3:30            Kevin Hill: Origin Stories of Early Superheroes (Panel Room 1)

3:30            Steamin' Stitching: Thrift Store Cosplay (Panel Room 2)

3:30            Professional Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality)

4:00            Registration for Amateur Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality)

4:30            Amateur Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality)

4:30            Comics Cosplay Contest (Regency)

6:00            AMA-CON 2019 Closes


Back to the Future Interactive Showing

Join us for an interactive viewing of Back to the Future. Quote along with your favorite lines and experience the movie in a new and exciting way.

Saturday at 7:00

Wreck It Ralph

Saturday 11:30

Please reload

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Saturday 2:30 PM


Sunday 2:00 PM

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12:00 PM        Goonies (PG)

2:00 PM          Ghostbusters (PG)

4:00 PM          Gremlins (PG)


11:30 AM        Wreck It Ralph (PG)

1:30 PM          Adventure Time (TV-PG)

2:30 PM          Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (PG)

4:30 PM          Avatar Last Air Bender (TV-Y7)

7:00 PM          Back to the Future Interactive Viewing (PG)





AMA-CON is brought to you by the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library.


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