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Cosplay Guests

   Michael “Knightmage” Wilson was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and now resides in Youngstown, Ohio.

   A current decorated 19 year veteran Deputy Sheriff for the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, Michael has been cosplaying since 2012. Having created over 150 costumes, Michael is an award winning cosplayer along with many of his creations being praised and displayed on numerous platforms in print and online. Michael is noted as one of the most influential and diverse male cosplayers in the world.

Michael Wilson:


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Michael Wilson

   SuperKayce is a professional cosplay & creator out of Indianapolis, IN! Cosplaying for fun since 2009 and professionally since 2014! She has created over 100 costumes and raised thousands for charity. She has also been featured in the 2015 issue of Icosplay Magazine, as well as countless podcasts and fan-sites for her creativity and charity work! 


Kayce Schulte:


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    Cassie LeGrand is with Mermaid Cosplay and LeGrand Makeup Artistry. She's been cosplaying for 5 years, and  specializes in mechanical wings and Disney characters. She's owned her own makeup business for 3 years, doing makeup from beauty to sfx. She's worked on the set of one full length feature film, one short film, and a commercial. 

Cassie LeGrand:

Mermaid Cosplay

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Cassie LeGrand


Cosplay Policies


Contest Gallery


Contest Schedule


Saturday, August 3

11:00 AM        AMA-CON 2019 Opens

12:00 PM        Kids Cosplay Contest (Regency)

1:00 PM          Gaming Cosplay Prejudging (Regency, Pre-Judging Room)

3:00 PM          Gaming Cosplay Contest (Regency)

3:30 PM          Sci Fi/Steampunk/Original Concepts Prejudging (Regency,                             Pre-Judging Room)

5:30 PM          Sci Fi/Steampunk/Original Concepts Cosplay Contest                                       (Regency)

7:00 PM          North and South Exhibit Halls Close

9:00 PM          AMA-CON Closes

Sunday, August 4

12:00 PM        AMA-CON Opens

12:15 PM        Anime Prejudging (Regency, Pre-Judging Room)

2:30 PM          Anime Cosplay Contest (Regency)

3:00 PM          Comics Prejudging (Regency, Pre-Judging Room)

4:30 PM          Comics Cosplay Contest (Regency)

6:00 PM          AMA-CON 2019 Closes


We will make every effort to include everyone who wishes to participate in the cosplay contests; however participation may be capped by Library Staff in order to keep contests on schedule.

AMA-CON hosts one Kids contest for all contestants 12 years and younger regardless of fandom.


Four cosplay contests are held for contestants ages 13 and older in the following categories: Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Original Concepts, Comics, Gaming, and Anime.


You may compete in more than one contest, but you must manage your schedule to ensure you are able to attend prejudging and arrive at the contest on time. You may not enter the same costume in more than one category.


Certificates are awarded for First, Second, Third, and People’s Choice in each category.


Each contestant will participate in prejudging to allow the judges 3 minutes to ask questions about craftsmanship, materials, and techniques used in construction, time spent on the costume, and why you chose the character.


Each contestant will have 30 seconds to cross the stage to display their costume and stage presence for final judging. You may perform a short routine provided you do not perform any unsafe movements, engage the judges or audience in conversation, or disrupt the timely completion of the contest.

Contest Rules
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